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Code of Conduct

  1. Felkin, Dragons, etc. are awesome. Anything to the contrary is blasphemy.
  2. You accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy once signed-up with an account to this server.
  3. No linking, posting, or referencing of content that violates United States, or European Union law as this is applicable to all of our server locations.
  4. No linking, posting, or referencing of content that contains gratuitous sex, gore, outright nudity, etc. without an applicable content warning.
  5. No threats, harassment, or bullying of other users.
    1. Respect the boundaries as placed by others.
    2. Use common sense.
  6. Bot's are completely fine as long as they do not spam in high volumes or post nothing but trash, otherwise they will be removed.
  7. No creation of accounts with the intent to maliciously impersonate another user, users, or company/organization.
  8. Accounts created for the sole purpose of selling a "brand" and/or for the purpose of data-mining (e.g. corporate accounts, big data influencers, etc.) will be terminated without notice. If you are a small business trying to get along then we will probably be more supportive of the idea, as we simply do not wish for large corporate influence to permeate our social instance.
    1. Any accounts created for the purpose of only 'advertising' something commercial in nature will be terminated without notice regardless. You must interact with your users and make your account personal!
      1. This strictly does not include corporations which try to get friendly with others and thusly on a individual's 'good side' through deceit and persuasion. These accounts will not be tolerated.
  9. We do not allow the posting of the following content in any format and the doing of such will result in swift termination of your account.
    1. Sexual depictions of minors which includes diaper furs, loli, etc.
    2. Conduct promoting hate speech especially within the political spectrum, particularly with regards to neo-Nazism.
    3. Holocaust denial material.

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